International Travel

There’s nothing that I look forward to more than the opportunity to travel and overseas travel is the best! In my opinion, exposure to other cultures, including food, architecture, history, art, languages, and customs is broadening. It truly is a learning experience to be immersed in unfamiliar territory. Travel to a previously unexplored area is a great adventure and I’ve found that it’s given me confidence and sometimes a new perspective on a people or country. Also, I didn’t anticipate my reaction to seeing ancient buildings, historic sites and famous works of art in Europe. Our country is so young and being able to visit places such as the Colosseum, Vatican City, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles, and the Notre Dame Cathedral, gave me such an appreciation of the architecture and history of these regions. To be able to witness the painting of the Mona Lisa, the statue of David, and Michelangelo’s painting of the Sistine Chapel just blew my mind. The photos that I’ve taken during my travels will probably not win prizes or be purchased by a customer, but I’ll relive my adventures every time I look at them.