My very favorite place to take pictures is in the state of Maine. There’s nothing like that rugged, rocky coastline and the “Down East” easygoing appeal of most of the people who live here. I’ve been out on lobster boats with fishermen, been on a shark-tagging expedition, and have photographed lobster boat races. Yes, lobster boats with oversized engines revved up and speeding towards the finish line!

Maine isn’t one of the largest states in the nation but its shoreline stretches an amazing 3500 miles, nearly that of California. And that stunning coastline is dotted with lighthouses, picturesque fishing villages, beautiful beaches and sights of lobster pots bobbing in the harbors. My favorite part, I admit are the lobster rolls! I’ve been there often enough to have my favorite haunts in Portland, Port Clyde and even in Gouldsboro, 1 1/2 hours from the border of Canada. I’ve traveled up and down this coastline so many times but it would take years of exhaustive photography to mine all the riches that are so special to this state. I hope to eventually feel like I’ve done it all but honestly I think there’s just too much here.