The state of Oregon was unlike any place I had been before. I came here on a photography workshop with Rick and Susan Sammon. Our first stop was the harbor in Newport which was a great place to make images of the fishermen and their boats. As we traveled south, we stopped at the Devil’s Punchbowl, an amazing rock formation that was fun to photograph, several lighthouses, and a yard that had collections of all things nautical: fishing lines, buoys, metal chain, and anchors, with which we created abstract images. I was so impressed with the states sandy beaches that were so wide and extended miles down the shoreline. The sunsets here were spectacular, especially on Bannon beach where we had a rider on horseback gallop in front of us as the sun set. Also there were interesting tide pools with colorful starfish, purple sea urchins, sea cucumbers, mussels, and small fish and many types of seaweed. Oregon was a fascinating place and I’d love to return.