Camargue Horses

As a teenager I was little bit horse crazy and I’ve found that I’ve never gotten over my admiration for these magnificent animals. In 2014 I looked into horse photography workshops and was drawn to the all white Camargue horses of southern France. I spent a week there later that year and it was a fantastic experience that I hope to repeat in the near future.

The caretakers of the horses are Roman Gypsies as are most of the people who live in this area and they are so nice! These Camargue cowboys are called Guardians as they try to protect the spirit of this once wild animal. Their jobs can be demanding but they are drawn to this career.

They’ve trained the horses to run in the water (which they already did) so photographers could take great images of them. Now this is a large part of how these men and women make a living. This is a centuries old profession and the Guardians are well respected for their role in their community.