Contemporary Florals

A few years ago I was fortunate to have my photographs hang in three galleries in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I noticed that over time, the galleries were leaning towards work of art that were contemporary in nature. That made sense to me as the Florida art market is much more modern than that of New England. This gave me occasion to think about how to appeal to the Florida art scene so I began to experiment. I took simple images of flowers and changed the color values in Photoshop. White became black, green changed to purple and yellow turned green. The result was a very different looking image but I think that they’re spectacular!

 Although a single picture could look great on a wall, I’ve designed this series in either square or rectangular sizes that are meant to hang in a grouping. I have to say that this is a departure for me. I tend to be a purist, striving to catch the perfect shot in the camera. Of course I do crop, straighten horizons, and tweak the image gently. Although I’m optimistic about this set of photos, I’m also nervous to see if you like them.