Plants and Trees

My first image taken with my point and shoot camera.

I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and have amassed a large collection of pretty floral and garden landscape images. However, my very first photo, the one that started this passion for the field of photography was of a single leaf with a small flower. That photo held a power over me. The picture itself wasn’t very good. The flower was out of focus, the picture was noisy but I loved it! I could see that saw toothed edge, the intricate pattern on the leaf, and the color! This tiny leaf was aglow in purples, greens and even a reddish vein that ran down the center.

Likewise trees can be so magnificent. I try to use my wide angle lens to capture the full beauty of a single tree, and other lenses to be able to see into the character of the trunks, branches and leaves. Individual leaves seem to have personality as they’re drenched with morning dew, are covered with raindrops or even undressed, plain in all of their natural beauty.