Around the USA

I love this country and I’d love to travel to every state to photograph the area but that’s not realistic. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the United States.

NYC, New York – When my daughter lived in NYC, I loved to walk the city in search of great reflections from buildings, colorful murals, and street shots. People here are so ethnically diverse and I found that I loved to people watch and even approach them on the street or in Central Park.

Columbia Valley, WA – I was told that this area was “not to be missed” and I agree. This mountainous area is so beautiful and the Columbia River is truly impressive as it is so powerful. I spent one day driving to Mount Hood and it was a magnificent sight from many angles.

New Mexico – I went to this area to photograph wild horses but I fell in love with the landscapes. I was surprised to see that the mountains were still covered with snow in the summer. In several places I found decaying lengths of fencing in the middle of a field with magnificent mountains in the background.

Grand Canyon, AZ – On a trip to Las Vegas my friend and I decided that we had to plan a trip to this iconic spot. The place didn’t disappoint as it was hard to take a bad picture.

Admiralty Island, Juneau, AK – I had the opportunity to go to Alaska for a photo workshop. We lived onboard a boat for nine days and made images of the pristine landscapes and wildlife of the area. When I saw this lighthouse from a distance, I knew that it would make a great composition with the dramatic snow dusted mountains behind it.

Tangier Island, VA – Tangier is an island that is literally sinking and is not expected be above ground within the next fifty years or less. Originally there were several more islands that have been claimed by the sea. There are only around 700 people who claim this their home and most are fishermen or are in the oyster industry. As you approach Tangier by boat you see many simple boathouses and docks that are often connected. The waterscapes are pretty and I’m glad that I visited this unusual place.